Here’s a rundown of Dadee’s Current Service Campaigns!

Dadee Manufacturing’s service campaigns are intended to help units spend more time in-service with less short-term maintenance and fewer costly repairs. Most of our campaigns are completed on an as-needed basis determined by our customers, considering factors such as necessity and convenience.

Dadee’s current service campaigns include:

  1. CNG Roof Mount Retrofit Campaign – No part numbers; this campaign takes approximately 24 total hours.
  1. Hydraulic Hose Campaign – Part numbers vary by unit and currently consist of all body and arm hoses; this campaign takes 12 total hours (We are working to add the Chassis Hose Kit to this campaign, which will add another 6 hours to the campaign.) Most municipalities need to perform this service every 36 months.
  1. Hydraulic Oil Cooler Retrofit Campaign – Part numbers vary by unit; this campaign takes approximately 8 total hours (This campaign is intended for units that were never retrofitted with this option at production.)
  1. Loader Arm Pin & Bushing Rebuild Kit Campaign – AA05819; this campaign takes approximately 10 total hours.

Dadee’s service campaigns improve product performance and productivity.

Our service campaigns are meant to provide real and noticeable benefits to our customers. The CNG Roof Mount Retrofit Campaign increases fuel cell life expectancy and decreases costly premature repairs, as well as downtime during those repairs. The Hydraulic Hose Campaign stops or eliminates leaks from hoses that are worn or weeping, which helps prevent municipalities from getting fines due to leaks while in route.

The Hydraulic Oil Cooler Retrofit Campaign helps to cool the hydraulic fluid that moves through the unity body and arm, which is especially beneficial in cities with higher temperatures (like Phoenix), as increased hydraulic oil temperature can damage valves, pumps, and hoses. Finally, the Loader Arm Pin & Bushing Rebuild Kit Campaign helps to eliminate excessive play in the loader arm from worn pins and bushings, which, in turn, helps to prevent structural failure.

To ensure your unit is performing optimally for as long as possible, take advantage of our current service campaigns. For more information, contact us.

Meet Dadee Manufacturing’s Engineering Team!

Dadee Manufacturing’s close-knit Engineering Department has more than doubled in the last year, one reason to spotlight the team. (We say close-knit because half the department worked together previously at another Phoenix business, and all our engineers attended Arizona State University in Tempe. Even our intern is currently enrolled there.) We’ve also restructured responsibilities within the department, thus adopting a regular schedule of duties and promoting transparent communication and clear progress tracking. Our Engineering Team now consists of the following talented individuals:

  • Ryan Gamboa – Engineering Manager
  • Kalyani Joshi – Lead Engineer
  • Jed Alhassen – Manufacturing Engineer
  • Edwin Santos – Product Engineer
  • Benny Guzman – Engineering Liaison
  • Peyton Warner – Engineering Intern

With increased capacity and an improved structure, the Engineering Department has been able to develop and document numerous processes that are now implemented. This has allowed us to provide real-time support, fully document previous designs and processes, and evaluate and design new product improvements. For customers, our efforts translate to a better-quality product, as we are decreasing our build times and providing greater consistency. We are also evaluating multiple design changes simultaneously, which will provide greater value in each platform.

Learn more about the Engineering Department’s daily duties and overall processes.

The Engineering Department’s current focuses are quality improvement, product improvement, and manufacturing efficiency. For quality improvement, the team homes in on process consistency, tracks process deviations, evaluates root causes, and implements corrective actions. For product improvement, they evaluate internally and externally suggested design changes, maintaining three to four significant improvement projects simultaneously. For manufacturing efficiency, the target is increased manufacturing support, as well as improvement in documentation and methods.

In other words, the Engineering Department is busy! Daily, the team provides and delivers:

  • Build support, which entails providing documentation, instruction, and troubleshooting during the entire build process
  • Design and testing data, including the evaluation of proposed changes, CAD models and drawings of changes, and prototyping and testing before implementation
  • Order support, including order review and verification
  • Technical documentation, including the creation of design and assembly drawings, instructions, bulletins, etc.
  • Process development, involving the creation of processes to provide standardization, consistency, and quality

One of the most important functions of the Engineering Department is implementing design changes—here’s how we do it.

Anyone working with Dadee products—including company team members, vendors, and customers—can make a design change suggestion and submit it to the Engineering Department for evaluation. Suggestions are organized and supplemented by the Engineering Team and then presented to a review board consisting of representatives from our various departments. Once a suggested change is approved, the Engineering Department commences the design work to create the change, which typically results in a documentation package, as well as a prototype to be tested. Depending on the significance of the change, this may either be through a fit and functional test or through a full Beta test with one of our production vehicles. Once validated, the design documentation is completed, and implementation is planned.

Have a design change suggestion? Contact our Engineering Department through our website.

Learn more about Dadee’s Mechanical Training Classes!

In addition to onsite training with dealers and equipment owners (as requested or required by bid specifications), every quarter, Dadee Manufacturing offers training classes for equipment mechanics that consist of advanced information and hands-on experience in diagnostics and repair of the Scorpion and Mantis refuse bodies. Some of the items we cover during our training classes include:

  • Electronic Controls
  • Hydraulic Diagnostics
  • Mechanical Components
  • Cylinder Repair
  • Valve Repair
  • Pump Repair
  • Troubleshooting Best Practices

Our mechanical training program is among the best training platform in the refuse industry. The depth of knowledge, support materials, and detail provided are of exceptional quality, and the hands-on portions of our classes help mechanics become more familiar with the identification and diagnostics of Dadee equipment. In our cooperative learning environment, mechanics ultimately become more efficient in the maintenance and repair of equipment, leading to less downtime and reduced maintenance costs overall.

Scheduled 2018 Training Dates

  • Second Quarter – June 7 & 8
  • Third Quarter – September 6 & 7
  • Fourth Quarter – November 8 & 9

All training classes are held at our factory in Phoenix, Arizona. To participate, customers can initiate a request with our Field Engineering or Sales teams to get the enrollment process started. The Sales Department generally continues the process and coordinates all the details of enrollment and attendance.

We look forward to seeing you at Dadee Manufacturing this year!

Attend our mechanical training classes and expect to come away with a wealth of knowledge, as well as clear, concise, and user-friendly reference materials. In addition to learning a lot, we think you’ll also have fun working with the Dadee staff and other attendees.

Review our latest service bulletins to help maintain your Dadee equipment!

As Dadee Manufacturing has grown, customers have asked us to provide more formal documentation on issues important to them. Our service bulletins heed the call. Each bulletin provides important product updates and technical information, including preventive maintenance procedures and recommended inspection intervals. The components covered in our latest two bulletins—the Packer Link and Scorpion Arm Carrier Bearing—are frequently serviced due to their heavy usage. To avoid problems with these parts, equipment owners and operators are encouraged to use these bulletins as the first option for common technical or troubleshooting questions.

Service Bulletin SB-180003-A – Packer Link Maintenance

This service bulletin describes the maintenance procedure for the Packer Links and V-Rollers, including daily and weekly inspection guidelines. By sticking to a routine inspection and service schedule, the following issues can be avoided:

  • Deformed V-Rollers
  • Premature Body Rail Wear
  • Hopper Damage
  • Cracking on the Link

Access the Packer Link Maintenance bulletin here.

Service Bulletin SB-180002-A – Arm Carrier Bearing Maintenance

This service bulletin describes the maintenance and servicing for the Scorpion ASL Arm Carrier Bearings, including a list of relevant components and inspection guidelines for optimal performance. By following these guidelines, the following issues may be avoided:

  • Premature Wear Plate Wear
  • Damaged Roller Bearings
  • Damaged Carriages
  • Damaged Inner Arm
  • Damaged Outer Arm

Access the Scorpion Arm Carrier Bearing Maintenance bulletin here.

Follow our inspection and service guidelines and get the most from your equipment.

With the guidelines covered in these service bulletins, our goal is for customers to benefit from improved performance, safety, and longevity of Dadee products—and, ultimately, decreased downtime, costs, and overall burden.

Get to know Parts & Service Sales – A new position at Dadee Manufacturing!

At Dadee Manufacturing, we place huge importance on the long-term life of our products. In turn, educating our customers and dealers on service and parts programs is integral to keeping Dadee equipment running routes and maximizing its full value. For this reason, we have created the new position of Parts and Service Sales Representative to better engage with our customers and products in the field. By understanding the issues equipment operators are experiencing in their service locations, we can craft programs and packages that will effectively address each customer’s unique needs.

Step 1 – Understanding the unique needs of each customer and our dealers.

Our goal in the first few weeks of introducing the Parts and Service Sales position is to understand the needs of each customer and our dealers. In his new role, Mark Fernandez will meet with Dadee equipment owners, operators, and vendors to identify issues requiring attention, and we at Dadee Manufacturing will take that information to properly address any gaps in our offerings for parts and/or service. Then, we can create programs that proactively assist our customers to maintain equipment for maximum benefit.

Step 2 & Beyond – Delivering meaningful service for maximum value.

As Parts and Service Sales Representative, Mark will collaborate with all functional areas of Dadee Manufacturing, especially the Parts and Service teams. Ultimately, we believe this position will allow us to be proactive in understanding how parts and service can be leveraged by our customers to optimize uptime and the long-term use of Dadee products.

Get to Know Our Shipping & Receiving Department!

The Shipping & Receiving Department at Dadee Manufacturing has a very important job—safeguarding our incoming and outgoing products, and every component that goes into designing and building our units. As a team, everyone in the department maintains a constant knowledge of where items are in the shipping and receiving process; however, with something as dynamic as shipping and receiving, it’s important to continuously look for ways to improve quality control as well. That’s one of the department’s goals in 2018 and always.

What’s Shipping & What’s Receiving?

So, what’s being shipped and what’s being received at Dadee Manufacturing, you ask? Receiving includes all vendor deliveries for both regular parts and refurbished parts, raw materials, and items being sent to and returning from powder coat, as well as any other associated items involved in the manufacture, service, maintenance of Dadee products. Shipping includes all parts sales shipments, warranty shipments, and powder coat items sent offsite.

By funneling all incoming and outgoing items through one point of entry and exit, the Shipping & Receiving Department can maintain more control and visibility. There are designated areas for all outgoing shipments, and part of the Dadee process requires that all incoming shipments be handled within an eight-hour business day. This means the shipments are verified, received, and put away in their correct locations within this timeframe.

Meet the Team

Our Shipping & Receiving Department is comprised of four hardworking individuals. Sam Sandoval, who’s been with Dadee Manufacturing for over a year, handles data entry, making sure our incoming shipment counts and locations are accurately entered into our system. Her knowledge of the Dadee operating system is a tremendous help to the department. Tommy Jackmon and Henry Montoya are material handlers. Their responsibilities include loading and unloading shipments, verifying the counts and part numbers of incoming shipments, making sure all parts are put away in their proper locations, and keeping the Weld Department stocked with materials they need.

The department is led by Michael McElwain, our shipping and receiving manager. He started in the Parts Department before being promoted to Dadee’s management team. He has embraced the opportunity to take the reigns in Shipping & Receiving, and provide a single point of accountability for all the items arriving and leaving our facility.

Maintaining Wear Bars for Maximum Product Life

On the Scorpion ASL, maintaining the body rail “wear bars” is imperative for lasting product life with minimal repair. Regarding wear bar maintenance, this maintenance reminder specifically pertains to the V-Rollers that travel on the rail itself. The V-Rollers should always be torqued to 100 foot-pounds and balanced properly on the “V” shaped section of the bar for optimal performance. The photos accompanying this article show how the V-Rollers look on a new Scorpion ASL unit.

Signs of Wear on the Body Rail

Looking for and properly identifying signs of wear on the body rail, and taking appropriate repair and/or replacement steps, will prolong the life of your Scorpion ASL and its component parts. Signs of wear include:

  • V-Rollers rubbing on the side of the hopper walls
  • The V-Roller guide plates will need to be replaced when properly adjusted rollers with, no bearing wear, are touching the hopper sides in normal operation of the packer.
  • Dullness at the top of the body rail
How the V-Rollers should look on the Body Rail “Wear Bar”

When there is uneven wear on the body rail, the bottom body rail will often be as sharp as a razor blade (so be careful!), and will either need to be switched out from the top rail, with a new rail replacing the top rail (this can be a cost-effective option), or both body rails will need to be changed. It is also essential to check both curbside and street-side body rails, ensuring balance in each.

Our Goal is to Help You Get More Life from Your Scorpion

We at Dadee Manufacturing are dedicated to helping our customers and dealers properly maintain Scorpion units to ensure longevity. Maintenance is one of the most important factors when you tally up cost of ownership, and lack of maintenance in both the V-Rollers and body rails can contribute to stress in the hopper area, which can lead to cracking and an increase in wear on the packer slides. (Both much bigger issues than replacing body rails.) If you have questions about maintaining your Scorpion ASL unit, please contact us. Our service department is here to help you.

Stay Current with Dadee Updates & Technical Bulletins

Dadee Manufacturing periodically releases bulletins to give our customers a quick overview of a service or product we offer. Generally, our updates and bulletins supplement or expand on information found in our manuals, and are not a rehash of information already provided or available. For this reason, it’s important to take note of our bulletins, review the information provided, and determine if and how it’s relevant to you and your unit.

Service Bulletins vs. Technical Bulletins

The two types of bulletins you’ll receive from Dadee Manufacturing are Service Bulletins and Technical Bulletins. Service Bulletins are critical because they give information regarding products currently being used in the field. The relevant issue can range from a part number change to any service or maintenance required for a unit. On the other hand, Technical Bulletins are new to Dadee, and are intended to showcase our products. They will provide technical specifications for our products, as well as their benefits.

Check Out Our Most Recent Service Bulletin

Our most recent Service Bulletin details the requirements for replacing the hopper wear plates on our units. You’ll find the part numbers for the new AR500 wear bars, as well as the estimated labor for the replacement upgrades. We intend for this information to be used to assess any potential costs and downtime you can expect from having this service done, so you can plan for the upgrade when it’s most convenient for you.

Meet Elliott Equipment, Dadee’s New Partner & Dealer

Dadee Manufacturing is happy and proud to announce we are partnering with Elliott Equipment Company to expand the Dadee product line into the Midwest. Elliott Equipment will carry our complete line-up, including the Dadee Scorpion, the Dadee Scorpion Full Eject, and the Dadee Mantis, and provide sales and service to clients in Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois. Both Dadee Manufacturing and Elliott Equipment believe customer service is paramount to the business environment, which makes us a great match. Plus, Elliott Equipment is a true specialist in the refuse industry with an awesome reputation—we believe our future is very bright, indeed, with a partner like Elliott.

More on Elliott Equipment

Founded in Fairfield, Iowa in 1970, Elliott Equipment Company has been an innovator in the municipal equipment industry for over 45 years, designing, building, and distributing unique and effective waste removal products. Today Elliott carries garbage trucks, street sweepers, sewer equipment, and more, ranking as the #1 dealer in the country for several manufacturers, and earning numerous awards for sales volume and service centers. They have a fully staffed company and well-trained sales team ready to bring the Dadee product line to their territories, as well as five full-service facilities in Davenport, Des Moines, Kansas City, Lincoln, and Denver equipped to take great care of our customers and demonstrate impactful service after the sale. Learn more about Elliott Equipment Company here.

Bringing Dadee Manufacturing & Elliott Equipment Together

Dadee Manufacturing and Elliott Equipment connected when Joel Brown, Dadee’s National Sales Director, met Gene Elliott, President of Elliott Equipment Company, after a recent bid. The customer chose Dadee’s Scorpion model over a unit Elliott had submitted for the bid, and rather than continuing to compete, Dadee and Elliott saw the potential for a partnership. Joel flew to Des Moines to discuss the possibility with Gene, and, a week later, Gene flew down to Phoenix to visit the Dadee facility. With similar objectives and values, it didn’t take long to see we’d be a great fit.

New Horizons in the New Year!

We’re very excited to introduce our product line to the team at Elliott Equipment Company and the Midwestern market. Elliott’s proven ability to service customers and the historical relationships the company has built over decades will bring immediate impact to Dadee’s production. In turn, we’re confident the units we deliver will impress Elliott’s customers and serve them well. We can’t wait to make even more people’s jobs easier!

Evaluating Vendors to Get the Best Parts in the Industry

At Dadee Manufacturing, our goal is to procure the best materials and products in the industry to build our equipment. To do so, we not only peruse the booklets, business cards, and literature sent to us by vendors, we actively seek out companies that provide the parts we need. After researching all relevant part information, pricing, price breaks (if needed), availability, and lead times (and ensuring our standards are met), we obtain a sample and/or specifications, which are sent to our Engineering Department for review.

If the Engineering Department approves a part, we submit a Part Number Request Form with part information to be entered in our system, and send the Accounting Department vendor information. We’re also thorough with our forms, sending out tax forms, resale forms, credit applications, etc. to be approved and signed. If the Engineering Department does not approve a part, we let the vendor know the reason for refusal.

Communicating with Vendors during the Purchasing Process

We generally send purchase orders via email or verbally over the phone, and request vendors to confirm orders, pricing, ETA dates, tracking numbers, and any other relevant information. Most of our vendors send a confirmation to us immediately, while some simply let us know they’ve received the order. During and after the purchasing process, communicating with vendors is very important to make sure orders have been processed and delivered. Most times, we state our parameters for shipping dates and/or shipping methods on our purchase orders; however, communication gets critical when we have an urgent need or when shipment is delayed for any reason, such as when a part is out of stock.

Because clear and constant communication with vendors is so important to ensuring our departments have the materials and parts they need, Dadee Manufacturing is implementing processes internally to enhance communication lines between vendors and our Purchasing Department. We strive to provide vendors with assistance, pertinent information, and anything else they need as quickly as possible.

If you have questions or concerns about vendor communications, please let us know. We’d be happy to address your needs.