Scorpion ASL-FE

The power of a Scorpion has been enhanced with the industry’s first self-cleaning full eject automated side loader.


Telescopic Packing Cylinders

The telescopic packing cylinders mounted inside the body channel not only keep material from coming in contact with the cylinders, but have more packing force than traditional crisscrossed cylinders.

Productive Packing Mechanism

With competitive equipment today, many full eject models use a ram style packing mechanism. With the Scorpion FE, the unit utilizes a self-cleaning slide / sweep mechanism, swiftly clearing away bulky materials & eliminating any jamming in the hopper area.


Packer Performance

  • Up to 750 LBs Per Cubic Yard
  • 14-17 Second Auto Pack Cycle Time

Arm Performance

  • 2000 LB Lift Capacity
  • Under 8 Seconds Cycle Time
  • 96 Inch Reach

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