Service Department

Dadee Manufacturing has experienced and reliable service and parts departments that offer competitive pricing for all refuse body repair and maintenance needs.  

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and our staff is committed to achieving this goal in every aspect of our business.  

Our Maintenance Services Include


  • Major repairs including unit body refurbishment, structural repair or fire damage repair
  • Replacement or repair of major assemblages such as hopper, packer links, arms and mounts.
  • Hydraulic troubleshooting, repair or replacement of hydraulic assemblies as well as hydraulic hose fabrication


  • Electrical troubleshooting or replacement of minor or major harnesses
  • MD3 Programming
  • Proximity Switches, Solenoids, Lights, Cameras, Scales


  • Hydraulic troubleshooting
  • Hose fabrication
  • Cylinder reseal, repair or replacement
  • Valve testing and reseal


  • Structural repair of all arm assemblies
  • Packer blade and slide repair or replacement
  • Structural repair of body – roof repair, floor repair, tailgate repair
  • Replacement of wearable items – wear plates, brass wear

Mobile Service and Preventative Maintenance

  • Preventative maintenance inspection
    • Inspection of all functions
    • Visual inspection of wearable items
    • Visual inspection of body and mounting system
    • Hands-on inspection of electrical and hydraulic systems for condition and routing
  • Lubrication – grease body, replace hydraulic filter, circulate hydraulic fluid through filter buggy
  • Testing and adjustment of hydraulic pressures and inspection and adjustment of arm angles
  • Test and adjustment of all safety devices, proximity sensors
  • Adjustments as necessary for operating speeds, modulation, and dynamics

Mobile Diagnostics

  • Diagnostics of arm and packer hydraulic functions
  • Inspection and minor repairs of electrical system
    • Wiring harness repair and replacement
    • Proximity sensor, relays, switches, component adjustment, repair, replacement
  • Diagnostics of Hydraulic system, components, and function, checking pressures
  • Inspection and minor repairs of hydraulic system
    • Reservoir, power transfer (PTO), pump, valve, cylinder repair and replacement.
    • Hose, tube line, fitting repair and replacement
  • Inspection of chassis, arm and body structure integrity
    • Chassis, dump arm, body structure, frame, cross members, and fastener minor repair  and replacement.
    • Packer, sweep blade, hopper, and body wear plates, linkage, bearing minor repair and replacement.
    • Dump arm,  gripper assembly, bearings, pins, bushings repair and replacement.

Advanced Maintenance Training Dates 2018 (Training @ Dadee Manufacturing Phoenix, AZ)

  • June 7 & 8
  • September 6 & 7
  • November 8 & 9
  • Please contact for additional training information